Saturday, October 10, 2009



  1. Kuule. Superpildid. Puhtjuhuslikult sattusin selle peale Crepis praegu. Vaatan neid pilte korraga arvutist ja seintel ja...



  2. Näitust ei näinud, aga siin on küll väga head! Ja aitäh toreda Lauritsa eest! kristel

  3. I got interested in the photomontages at the Crepp Cafe in Tartu this summer. My guess was that the poetry probably was from Estonia, but written in English rather than translated. Some research in the Cafe - the staff was helpful - and on the net led me to the poetry of Elom Toomet and your artwork. I assure you, it is not everyday one comes across image-word combinations of such artistic quality. I'll spread this to my friends in Sweden, Germany and Canada, the three countries I have lived in. Hope you develop your art further and that I find traces of it on the net! The series Organic Buildings is impressive too. I might be tempted to send you some of my own texts for "visualisations". I teach courses in Photography and Digital art in Göteborg, Sweden.
    All the best, and thanx for the inspiration
    Wolfgang Roosch
    Göteborg, Sweden